April 8, 2004


While I was on my way to work I met Martin in the atrium. I hadn’t talked to him in quite a while, looks like we’re going sea kayaking in 2 weeks. I’m bidding on a bluetooth module for my phone, finally. Prices on those are low now, since the phone is soo old. I’ll be able to update my blog in very unlikely places .. I’ll also be able to transfer phone numbers to and from my phone .. very important since I don’t have a backup of numbers on my phone.

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Gonan the Superfluous Oh sweet! I’m the middle of print, damn print.. came in late, as usual. Cyn blogged about how she doesn’t like wasted paper. Well, you should see
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ohhh, pretty PrimaryVisualCortexStimulationOfTheDay I said I’d take a picture of a spectacular sunrise, so I took a picture of a spectacular sunrise. That was