December 10, 2002

Looks like it’s time for

Looks like it’s time for a long overdue update. But before I continue, I’m going to go get a glass of water. I lied..kinda.. I get in the kitchen, I take out the Brita.. and notice that it’s only half full, me being a bit of a perfectionist, I fill it up. Duh.. I can’t pour water if there’s water in the filtering reservoir. Damn. Now I have to wait it’s done filtering and that newly added water is at it’s coolest. No water for me, I got Dr. Pepper instead. I need it anyway, I’m feeling a bit sleepy. I got a credit card! Finally. Now I can order stuff online, I’m now part of the digital revolution, didn’t quite feel part of it if I wasn’t able to potentially send a number that, if intercepted, could ruin me for a couple months, yay. I’m not worried actually, just being cynical.

Listening to Lady Like. I’m going to burn a CD now, for John at work, he needs the UT update, but he can’t download it, we can’t figure out why.. he’s on .. Roger’s. Kay, so that’s burning, now what. Oh.. I can plug my iPod to get it charged, it’s dead.. there. Done. Sip of Dr. Pepper.. ahhhh. Woohoo!! Avril!! For those of you who don’t know.. I’m an Avril Lavigne fan.. please, no flaming. I’ve always liked odd, stupid” music, you shouldn’t be surprised. Disc is done burning. Ouff.. now what. Hey look at that! Ned’s online! I’m now listening to Begin Again, convenient.. I’m finally done The Lord of The RIngs, the books. Took me a year, but I’m done. I was reading it on and off.. it’s not that I’m a slow reader.. just that, I never took the time.. yes.. can’t wait for the Two Towers.

Almost done the glass of Dr. Pepper, and the water should be pretty cold by now. That’s what I’ll be having next, unless the Brita isn’t full.. then I’ll have to refi…… no wait!! I want to buy cased for my PDA and my phone.. and I want to start wearing a belt, so I can hold them.. that’s something I’ve never worn, a belt, no need to, until now. I’m gonna get a cool looking belt that will go with anything, so I’ll only need one. If you’ve never seen Frailty, see it.

I don’t think these paragraphs are separated by topic, like they’re supposed to be, if I remember correctly from Guy Langis’ English class. Oh Well.

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