April 29, 2004

look back 1

Groove is in the Heart is the first song I have learned by myself on a bass. It’s what I’m using to practice my speed and agility. I love it! Remi decided to start his own page, Stuff in my Head. If anyone else start his/her own online journal thing, I will have to severly beat them, it’s become way out of hand! Notice the symbols on top, now it’s illegal! Ha! Going to bed, I have a car tomorrow!! WOOHOO, I haven’t had a car to go to college since, before way winter break.

I can still play that song, and I play it as well as I did back then. Crappily. Many people did start they’re own online journal thing”, reffered to as blogs in the 21st century. Remi’s is long gone. Now Ned and Monique have one .. I will have to severely beat them. The symbols I reffered to there were copywrite and trademark logos .. it was Lou’s idea, they are also .. long gone.

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how I’d like a coffee right now I’d like a coffee right now. Any kind of wake-up juice. I’m getting drowsy, but I don’t want to make a full pot. I might go to Subway and get one.
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look back 2, the revenge of the look back I’m at Caro’s. I just finished fixing her computer, woohoo! Such a good feeling fixing a problem I have no idea how to fix :) I’m supposed to