March 28, 2004

John Ashcroft

Yesterday was girly frou-frou time with Monique. Monique had some Photoshop work to do, so I borrowed” Al’s laptop .. hehe, I more like hijacked it, I had to change his network settings, it disconnected him .. he’ll most likely lynch me when he reads this :) We went to the mall for a bit, then saw Jersey Girl (quite a departure from his previous films, go see it). Liquor run, I got more Jack (ouff) and Moe got Rum. Off to Wendy’s, I used to boycott that place.. but geez they have good burgers. At that point I was getting tired, like an old man. We watched the latest episodes of That 70s Show,had a few drinks and headed out to O2, I didn’t drink, and couldn’t drink.. so I wasn’t having much fun, the O2 is a wretched place if you’re senses aren’t dumbed down. Monique wanted to stay and I wanted to go, so I left. Went to bed when I got back.

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once I ran to you, now I run from you What a day/morning. Yesterday was a fun day at work, talked to Peter Shearer about the MP3 players, the Beach Boys, the history of the Blue Cross
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y fait beau! Ya pu d’neige sur la Main. Next thing you know e’j pourrais boire d’la biere sur une terrace. I’ve been watching alot of South Park .. it’s