March 6, 2004

j’ai faim

Picker is up. For all you techies out there, here’s a description of the problem. Picker uses mklinux to boot. So the hard drive is partitioned in 3, the HFS side for the Apple OS, swap and the main linux partition. So, to boot linux, it needs to boot part of the Mac OS, until it loads the extension, then the linux kernel takes over. What was hapenning is since it’s had been so long it hadn’t rebooted (because linux is such a kick ass OS) it wanted to check the hard drive. It usually runs fsck on boot, this time it wanted to do some kind of exaustive scan.. problem with that is that it always froze at 64.7%. It still does. So to get passed it, I booted up in Mac OS, changed the date so that it would think it didn’t need to check the HD, then modified fstab so that it doesn’t check the drive during startup (in case of power failures or whatever). So at this point, I still don’t know why it freezes at 64.7%. It could be a bug, or it could be an actual HD problem. I’ll be backing up the databases daily, just in case.

In other news, I’m hungry. I’m torn between BK and Subway .. and since it’s early, maybe even Smart Pizza. Speaking of Smart Pizza, they’ve been handing out ALOT of those 5.00 off coupons .. so many that I see many of them littered everywhere on my way to work. Promotion is fine.. but geez, there’s gotta be a better way that giving out flyers.. put a guy in a big monkey suit with a sign saying monkey says: 5.00 for 2 slices”.. or something.

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there’s no escape, I can’t wait Sopranos season 5 premiered tonight, I was at work. Joker is nice enough to download and host the episode for me since my HD is dead. I’ll be