May 7, 2002

It’s raining, hardcore. And there

It’s raining, hardcore. And there is alot of wind too. Lynie, do you still read this, is yes, I have a question for you, WHY HAVEN’T YOU POSTED ON MY GUESTBOOK!! hint hint. A guestbook, by definition, is a place where you log a visit to a web page. If you visit a web page and not log it, I think it’s a type of an insult; kinda like your page wasn’t good enough to take the time to comment on”.. maybe my page isn’t that good. That’s fine though, you don’t HAVE to log your visit, I just prefer you do. Oh, if anyone would like to post to Ma Brain (like anyone would want to post to a blog that gets maybe.. 0.3 hits a day) I can give you access and you can add posts like this one. Could be kinda interesting. I’m primed for Episode II, can’t wait.. it’s gonna be good. I have tickets for the Midnight showing, bought them today and they still have about 250 tickets left.. so if you want in, buy them now, I’m pretty sure they won’t last long. I’m going hiking on Monday, finally doing the Dobson Trail, something I’ve wanted to do in a long time, a long time. I’m ready to go, all packed, all I need is food.

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