January 8, 2003

it tastes like burning


Before you freak out.. let me explain. Lynie was over, and we decided we’d make lasagna for supper. SO.. everything was going well, pasta was boiling, sauce was heating up.. oven was pre-heating. There lies the problem.. the 4 month old pizza and box pre-heating” in the oven. Lyne opens the door to the oven and POOOF, huge cloud of smoke. We notice the box pre-heating”. I gently take the very warm and very much smoldering pizza box out of the oven.. obviously it was ready. I set it down on my porch.. I go on to open windows to get rid of the mildly pleasant burnt cardboard smell invading my living quarters. Lyne points out.. the box is on fire.. we both believe the current situation (pizza box on fire on my porch) would be a great photogenic opportunity. So I take a picture! What night.. the lasagna was great (thanx Lyne) and my apartment now smells like forest fire.

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