April 11, 2004


Sooo, I venture out with my iPod and headphones, blasting tunes from my fav list. I get to Rodd’s and switch from the harsh sidewalk to the more gentle and serene walking trail, that snakes the Peticodiac. 1755 started playing, at that point I decided this was a great time to listen to 1755 exclusively .. being in Moncton, walking outside at 5:00am, I was able to sing my lungs out without anyone hearing me .. except for maybe a few oil resevoirs .. who seemed to be flooded by the spring melt. I get to this mysterious after hours bar” .. doors are locked, but there’s people inside .. whom other than Marc Dupuis .. again, I’m drunk and meet him, he’s quite surprised, I even saw his lips voice my name to the other person, who I could not identify. He opens the door. I ask what’s going on?” .. he says we had to close the bar, not enough people to keep it open, and there was an incident’” .. hmm, okay .. what kind of incident’?” .. an incident’” .. alright.. s’oauira”, and I left. Sang 1755 all the way back to downtown. All was not lost, I got a good workout. I picked up a chicken pizziola sub at Subway, then headed to GZN, bought 2 Bawls and played some 1st person WW2 shooter. Got my ass whipped by some guy called Bardock.. guy is half my age and can snipe someone in mid air with a railgun EVERYTIME. Amazing. The upcoming generation is VERY electronic/video game/computer savvy .. I’m rethinking my career plan .. maybe teaching? Around 7:30 I take off, which brings me here, in my bed listening to Paul Simon.

Well I’m on my way I don’t know where I’m going I’m on my way I’m taking my time But I don’t know where

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