April 18, 2001

In college, not doing anything

In college, not doing anything in Java class. Leo and Remi are playing Starcraft. I was surfing Hot or Not a couple minutes ago with Wayne and Dave. Fun stuff. It’s snowing like a m*****f*** (I hate swearing). Big ass snow flakes. Really big snowflakes.. nono, you don’t understand, they were HUGE! Again I’m using FTP and notepad, cool stuff. I’m really used to it now. Damn cache server, it doesn’t update when I press reload on the browser because it keeps a copy of my site in Fredericton. It sucks. AH HA! I’ve found a way to bypass it. I’m useing safeweb, it’s a secure browser tool” that acts as a portal to the actual internet. Anyway, it works, and it rules.

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If you look back at earlier updates, you’ll notice it says “[an error occurred while processing this directive]” That’s stuff left over from
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I’m pretending I’m typing fast on my keyboard, I love the sound it makes. I should be doing Java right now but I’m not, as usual. Oh! I just