April 24, 2000

I’m still sick! It’s been

I’m still sick! It’s been 4 days now. COugh COugh. I think I’m going to listen to Brendan Furlotte now. Nevermind.. I pressed play, and Ozzy started playing, I’m more in the mood for Ozzy right now. :) I don’t know why. I had 3 dreams last night.. and.. oh nevermind, you don’t want to hear my problems. Besides, this page is for entertainment purposes only. No, not entertainment for you, for me. If it entertains you, good! It’s a side effect of entertaining me. Oh.. I like the guitar here (Al, the solo in Crazy Train).. hehe Trazy Crain… grr. Oh yeah.. your Ozzy CD is still here. I think I’m working today, sometime. I don’t know if I’m going. I’d cough and blow my nose constantly, that and spread the cold to the rest of human society, and thats anti-evolutionary.

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Groove is in the Heart is the first song I have learned by myself on a bass. It’s what I’m using to practice my speed and agility. I love it! Remi
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That picture is of a car similar to the one we/I have in the garage (except it’s red). Our new car, it rocks, my parental units got it cleaned