May 15, 2000

i’m six minutes early,

i’m six minutes early, i feel like i’m, not being truthful. oh well. i just turned off my blanket becase it was too warm. i can’t wait till college is over, i hate going to bed early. i think i’m going to create category on the palm for my enties. don’t bother to try to uderstand, i’m just trying to fill space here. there done. my little red light is reflecting off the sceen, it makes my palm look like hal, very unsettling. my plans for not drinking this weekend seem to be falling to pieces, friday, i’m going to codmo with some ofvthe staff from cp to celrbrate michelle’s new job, saturday is roger’s party, sunday/monday is nick’s party, ahhhhhh.. now what am i supposed to do? i just setup a password on this thing, i need to enter it everytime i or someone else turns it on. now i must go el dormir.

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