April 6, 2000

I’m in class now.. in

I’m in class now.. in front of a computer, with a keyboard. Our instructor just handed us an assignment, yes! It’s an easy course, I’ll have it done before I leave college. Right! So.. Cosmo! I actually spent most of the time upstairs, which is totally unlike me. I danced, which is totally unlike me. The things alcohol does to your brain. I have to reboot the machine I’m on and go in DOS to finish the assignment.

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I’m at Al’s place, and he suggested that I update Ma Brain from here to see what it looks like when.. I update from here. “Hey Bulldog” Al likes his
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I’m sitting at home, in front of my computer with my Platypus. Let me explain. I’m a bit of a hiker, one piece of equipement I have is a hydration