May 18, 2000

I’m in a good mood

I’m in a good mood today. I think it was the convertible ride yesterday. I got Mr. Noodles noodles cooling down and waiting for me to eat them. I also have left over Ruffles ripples chips and Ritz minis. I’m all set for a pre supper time feast. Sorry I didn’t update at college Al, I forgot. I’m working tonight. I think I’m going to love it. First bite of the noodles, too hot! I still have my MP3s playing randomly, at this moment, the song playing is Fred’s 2000 Inch TV by Wierd Al Yankovick, awesome song. I can’t wait to get my bass back, it’s in the shop getting repaired.. I hope it comes out better than it did going in. I want to play. The neck was bent, I guess the reset it, and something was too high, so they filled, whatever. Puttin’ On The Ritz Still too hot. Hey did’j’a hear, Mac OS X’s release is being pushed back about 6 months. Not that most of you care, I do. Strong Enough Geez, still too hot, I did even have to put in my mouth, one noodle touched my lip and burned me. Fly From Heaven here’s another one Hazy Shade Of Winter I just took a look at Wonderflur, he’s got a kick ass picture there, today. If it’s not today, today, goto.. today in Al’s calender. Turn Turn Turn




Honey Open That Door The noodles are good. Bye Bye Bye

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do you know what today is? it’s star wars episode 1’s first birthday! i’m trying something different tonight, i have my mp3’s playing, i put the
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