April 12, 2000

I’m here, college I mean.

I’m here, college I mean. It’s snowing and I’d rather be hiking in the Caledonia Mountains somewhere. With my natural gas stove and noodles up the wazoo. It’d be so fun, I’d bring my tent and I’d sleep the night on top of Hayward Pinnacle. AH.. I need to go camping. I was browsing the Internet, actually, Al’s old web page.. and I got to Lou’s web page, then his links page, and to my link. It’s not out dated.. but it’s the old name! Greener Chronicles.. I forgot I named my web page that.. and I had made a logo and everything. It was sooo funny. And then this one time, at band camp…

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I am equaly satified of my performance on my second test today. Logic.. a, sweet logic. Sorry. More Pepsi.. incredibly, I’m not too tired.. HEY
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Lou, you rock! I haven’t talked to him in a long time.. all of a sudden, I mention him on my page and BANG, he’s on my ICQ list again. Woo