April 7, 2000

I’m having fun! I just

I’m having fun! I just finished talking to Chimene, got her curious :) I love getting people curious, but sometimes it’s bad. My Christmas lights are on, Al’s working on his page, I’m helping him, giving him constructive criticism (so far, it’s all good). I’m eating Lay’s sour cream and onion chips. Mmmm. The night is turnng out to be pretty cool. I should have music I like playing in the background.. sec.. Luck Be A Lady Tonight, ahh, Frank Sinatra, that’s fresh, thanks Al :) Now I’m waiting for a particular person to come online.. (toe tapping action is heard as Jason.. taps his toes on the ground) And Chimene is back. 3 minutes till.. yay.. I’m so proud of myself. 1 week, I never would have imagined I could do this for 7 days.. and like it! Yes, I like it, very much!

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I forgot to mention, today is not officially my one (1) week anniversary with this “daily thing”.. kinda like 2000 is not the first year of the the
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I just added a couple of options to this “daily thing”, and prepared it for Y2K 1. Alright!!!! Al’s got his site up! I’ll have a link up as soon as