April 2, 2000

I’m back.. I stopped writing

I’m back.. I stopped writing in the past and now I’m temporarily in the present. After a short protest the peanut gallery got it’s wish. AL made me download a song called Flowers on the Wall, very catchy tune.. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, whoever you are. Woohoo! My friend Nick got his Saturn. He feels part of the family” now. I envy him. I can’t wait to get the convertible. Never driven in one, it’s going to be quite the experience. I’m glancing over at an Ozzy CD Al left here.. I think I’m going to put it in. Here goes nothing. The lights are off and all that can be seen is the bright glare of the display and the dim red glow between the buttons of my new Microsoft IntelliPoint with IntelliEye.. it has no moving parts. Just .. a magic red light.

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back from work I just got back from work! Yes!.. I was alone in box. Not fun, I served almost every single person who saw a movie today a Crystal Palace Cinemas,
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Al told me to wirte in here. End