April 17, 2000

I’m back from work. We

I’m back from work. We got a Titan A.E. standee. Marc and I put it together during the night, he started and I basically finished it. Just one little part left. I just finished talking to Mononcle Greg and Matante Jeanette in Iqualuit, Nuunavut. Not a Lynie in sight.. should I, shouldn’t I call. I dunno. I thirsty, I jogged back from work, becasue I wanted to. Felt good. Now, dehydrated.. oh! I know what! I’ll fill my platypus! (Don’t ask if you haven’t been keeping up to date) I love this site. I am Canadian



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Hehe,, see that.. 22:22.. cool. So I just got back from work. Fun day, Candace and I played hacky sack in box office for most of the day. even while
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I’m off to meet the Wind Fish (reference to Link’s Awkening, a Game Boy game :)