November 26, 2001

I’m at work right now,

I’m at work right now, fun stuff.. it’s busy off and on, right now it’s not. I’m reading The Fellowship of the Ring right now, very cool stuff. Fantasy stories usually don’t intrest me, but in this case.. I’m intrested in a classic.. and I know why it’s so popular, it’s good. Almost halfway, trying to get it done before the movie comes out. I’m pretty sure I’ll succeed. I bought an iPod, it’s real nice. Expensive, but worth every penny.

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Well, chepas la, but Mac OS X est fricken cool. Ya, so I was listening to Chris Colepaugh there right.. so I decided I’d update, both my main page
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December already. Time flies. I helped Joe install Mac OS X today, I am the master of Mac OS X.. ok well, maybe not THE master.. maybe a Jedi, I’m