April 15, 2001

If you look back at

If you look back at earlier updates, you’ll notice it says [an error occurred while processing this directive]” That’s stuff left over from Geocities. NBNet tries to process the comments and the server returns an error in the form of text embedded in my page. No worries, I may get around removing those. Or maybe I should just leave them there as tributes to this page’s past. Oh hey! I love commentary. Specifically on DVDs (you usually don’t get commentary on VHS). It gives you a whole new perspective on watching a movie. THings that aren’t obvious, or aren’t made clear in a release can easily be explained during commentary. I may be buying Contact on DVD even though I said I wouldn’t buy DVDs of movies I already have on VHS. BUt the DVD has 3 tracks of commentary. Woohoo! And one of those is of Jodie Foster. Hallo! Jodie Foster doing commentary on my second favorite movie! It may be the next movie I buy. I was dissapointed to read (Amazon.com) that there’s no commentary on The Sixth Sense, I didn’t get that.

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In college, not doing anything in Java class. Leo and Remi are playing Starcraft. I was surfing Hot or Not a couple minutes ago with Wayne and Dave