May 3, 2000

I should be sleeping. In

I should be sleeping. In the mornings, I wake up and.. let me rephrase that, I drag myself out of bed every morning and take a shower, show up for classes, and fall asleep (too many and”s in that sentence) I digress”. I love the convertible. I still need to get used to the touchy gas and the high clutch. In time, in time. I saw American Psycho again. Burn CD burn, writer inferno (I don’t know about that last one, don’t ask) Ever notice how people always say don’t ask”.. what if I wasn’t going to ask, what if I understand you’re saying gibberish.

Bye Bye, bye bye, I’m doing this tonight, you’re probably gonna start a fight, I know this can’t be right. Hey baby come on. I love you endlessly, and you weren’t there for me, so now it’s time to leave and make it alone.”

Oh.. what’s that you ask, not many people will know.. I’m sure at least one person will, this person will stay anonymous. Don’t ask. From now on, I’m no longer using br”s to delimit my text, I’m using p”s. I’m gonna have to update my template.



Who can tell me what that is?

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I had a test today. I think I passed it. I think I’m going to listen to Zéro ° Celcius, something I havent listened to in several years. Carpe Diem
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Masking tape makes great diskette labels. Empty Pepsi bottles make great play grenades. A 5 1/4 floppy disk drive has not only one, but 2 motors