May 16, 2000

I replied to a personal

I replied to a personal ad, here’s the reply to her questions. Here goes,

age: 20 hair color: dirty blond eye color: blue height: 5’7″ weight: 55Kg occupation: Part-time theatre employee do for fun: movies, a bit of partying, anything with my friends what are you looking for in someone: honest, intelligent, easy going, passive fave color: burnt orange what do you do on saturday nights: Doc Dylan’s or movie do you have your own place: I have my own basement appartment in the same house” as my parents describe your dream girl: passionate about science, loves nature, red hair, blue eyes, nice body are you looking for a best friend: yes, I’m currently looking for a best friend, someone I can bond with, who understands me what do you think of giving a girl flowers: if she likes flowers, it’s a very nice gesture tell me something extraordinary about yourself: I can clap with one hand what kinda of music do you like: POP, classic rock, 70s, a bit Acadian (I’m partly french) are you ready to settle down but have fun: maybe, but, not done college yet are you athletic: I’m fit, and I love hiking one thing you are afraid of: getting brain cancer would you kiss on a first date: if both parties involved believe it’s right, yes are you looking to get married some day: yes do you like children: very much do you have a good relationship with your parents: I have a deep respect for my parents, we understand eachother, we’re a bit close whats the nicest thing you have ever done: what is your clothing style: comfortable, utilitarian, jeans/T-shirt do you like to talk on the phone: love it do you write music or poetry: not alot do you sing or play an instrument: I’m cutrrently learning to blay bass guitar are you looking for the right person: yes

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