May 16, 2000

I love slushies. Frozen Coke.

I love slushies. Frozen Coke. When you poor the stuff in a cup, it rises like sugar in hydrocloric acid, it’s awsome! If you leave it alone, it makes sounds. It’s a very intresting beverage. I just fixed May 15th, it was displaying May 14th. Al’s was doing the same. We made the same mistake on the same day. Wierd. Bawitdaba’s playing. I got all my songs on random continuous play. THe above picture is what the new Mac OS, Mac OS X, will look like, when I get my Mac, that’s what it’ll be running starting in summer with the beta release. If I get my Mac.

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I replied to a personal ad, here’s the reply to her questions. Here goes, age: 20 hair color: dirty blond eye color: blue height: 5’7″ weight: 55Kg