April 3, 2000

I knew it’d be a

I knew it’d be a great idea putting this Daily thing on Yahoo!.. I can update it anywhere! I’m in a lab right now, here at goodole NBCC Moncton. I can hear my stomach growling, I think I may go over at Sobeys and have slice of pizza soon. Dark Horizons says Matrix 2 and 3 will be again fillmed in Sydney Australia, yes!! Erin Brockovich still hasn’t been beat at box office. I think I need to go see it. I’m looking at other computer screens in here.. and I notice most of them have backgrounds from Maxim, I’m not complaining, just an observation. Not suprising since most students in this department are 19-23 year old, computer litterate males. I’m looking for a cool picture.. oh I have an idea..


There, that’s a cool picture. I don’t care if it doesn’t belong in here, it’s a cool picture. It’s a photo of a an F-18 the moment it’s breaking the sound barrier. The cloud around it is condensed water vapor in supercompressed air. Ned brought it tomy attention a couple months ago. It was in the Times Transcript actually, award winning photo by John Gay. Watch out pizza, here I come!

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I didn’t even eat.. I lost track of time while I was putting up that counter you see up there. Dammit. Oh well.. I’ll eat more during supper
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You’re a vegatable I had “You’re a vegatable” I had no idea THAT was in a Micheal Jackson song. That’s what I’m listening to now, an old song called Wanna be Starting