May 30, 2000

I just saw the video

I just saw the video for Dancing Queen from ABBA Teens, I love it. I’m very close to solving a Rubik’s cube by myself (no help from a guide). Practice makes perfect. I’m gonna go make myself styrosoup now. Done, yummy. Wow, Judith by a Perfect Circle has a really good video. First time I see it all on TV. It’s alive, alive! The noodles in the cup are rising, slowly. mmm… This page is slipping, I noticed I’m not updating as often as I was in April.. oh well :)

I see you baby, shakin’ that ass, shakin’ that ass, shakin’ that ass”

I just saw the coolest commercial, I have to go buy Jolt Cola. HAHA!! there it is again.. twice in less than a minute!

My heart goes shalalalala shalalala in the morning, shalalalala shalala in the sunshine, shalalalala shalala in the in the evening, shalalalala shalalalala just for you.”



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