June 27, 2000

I just noticed something.. I’m

I just noticed something.. I’m watching Forrest Gump.. when Lieutenant Dan meets Forrest after the show with John Lennon, they’re walking” in the street and a song is playing, Everybody’s Talking, it’s the main song in Midnight Cowboy, well, when they cross the street, a cab nearly hits them and Lieutenant Dan hit the cab, same thing Deniro does in Midnight Cowboy.. I noticed, I’m so proud.. so obscure.. it’s in IMDB.. but they don’t say anything about the song.. yay.. woohoo!

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Here’s a milestone, it’s not a big one, first very personal entry I make in here, and probally the last.. well, maybe not.. anyway. I’m in love
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Happy Canada day! I got a new bed, about 2 days ago, it’s huge compared to the one I had. It has a matching armoir thing.. or whatever. My bass