October 14, 2002

I just finished Watching Memento,

I just finished Watching Memento, was on TMN, excellent film. I’ve got it on DVD, but I was one of those people who bought it as soon as it came out, and didn’t wait for the special edition. Now that the special edition is out, I’m kicking myself in the ass. I might just buy the special edition anyway and try to sell the original to a poor unsuspecting shmoe. Is that how you spell shmoe? I dunno. Ohhh.. commercial for the Soprano’s.. it’s funny reading what I just typed.. I actually saw the r” as a gun. I think I might buy that too.

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I wonder if it’d be worth it if I subscribe to Blogger Pro. I’d have a bunch of extra features.. like posting in the future, and the past. 
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