April 4, 2000

I just finished the new

I just finished the new layout, thanks for the idea for the new name Al, looks very good. I got rid of the guestbook, if you didn’t know I had a guestbook.. well.. I didn’t, I just said that so that it’d would look like I had one.. but I really didn’t (for those of you who knew I had one, well, I got rid of it) I think I should go eat now. You just walked in, I make you smile. It’s cool, but you don’t even know me. You take and inch, I ran a mile, can’t win, you’re always right behind me.”

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I have returned from work. For those of you in the Moncton NB reigon, you will notice something different when seeing a movie at Crystal Palace
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Vegetables are in the news again. I don’t want to get into it, too, odd. I’m watching a very intresting Star Trek episode. It’s the one where