April 10, 2000

I just finished having a

I just finished having a wonderful conversation with my parents about my pet peeves working at the theatre. Wanna hear them?

  • Money not ready when buying a ticket during busy nights
  • Don’t know what movie to see, and decide then and there at the cash
  • Leave trash at the end of the movie
  • Pissing on the seats
  • Complaining about prices
  • Use interact at cash when no line at automated machines

Argh! But hey, people are stupid. Nothing can change that in an instant, only evolution. REBOOT!! Made for TV movies, next year.. droool… woohoo!!



That’s the poster for season 3, the final season of reboot. I have a link on my 3W Page if you’re curious to know what it is. Or.. you can go here. Yes, it’s a cartoon, and I like it! I have a parrallel Zip drive for sale, make me an offer.

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