December 19, 2002

I have to start adding titles

more entries, damn blogger is broken, it won’t let me import all my posts in movable type.. this entry will be in the past by the time I get everything up and running. damn blogger.. okay I’m going to typw alot because I want to test the height of the box.. what happens if I reach the end, will it add scroll bars? maybe not.. maybe I’ll have the select the text and scroll up by movine the cursor.. that would suck.. I can’t see how a polished peice of software like movable type would use something like that.. well.. we’ll see I guess.. I’m almost there, more that half way.. more than a third now.. I saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on midnight yesterday, it rocked, I’m seeing it again tonight with Al, Joe and Leo and Al C. .. and whoever else is going. My precious” Gollum rocked.. he was awesome. Ok.. I’m on the last line, as soon as I press enter on this line something is going to happ….. ohhhh.. it added a scroll bar.. just what I wanted.. perfect.. submit

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I caved and bought Blogger Pro. I’m almost done putting all the old entries, everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it
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this is going well Damn nag screens are back. I shouldn’t complain.. I shouldn’t even talk about it. Currently listening to Voulez Vous.. ABBA.. sweeet. Offer still