February 12, 2004

I have been inspired

I’ve been doing alot of blog reading tonight, thought I’d post for good measure. Kinda like karma, ya know.

So I’m at work, babysitting printers, that’s what I do on night shift, I babysit printers…. OMG LOL my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” .. on the radio .. hoo, okay, calm toi la. Nope can’t resist, j’ai d’quoi dans mes shorts”, hah.. okay.. as I was saying, right, I babysit printers. THey blink when they need to be fed (paper), they blink when they puke (paperjams), they need to be burbed when they’re full (too many pages in the outbut bin). I hate this job.

My iPod battery died about 2 hours ago, that’s why I’m listening to the radio .. actually not at this precise moment, the volume is turned down so I can hear the repetetive sounds of 5 printers printing in unison. I’m going mad.

Can’t wait for Saturday, going out with Moe, we’re going to paint the town .. some color that will represent our drunken state. I’m also looking forward to spending time with Gary before I go out dancing (if you call my body movements dancing).

I bought an iSight (damn, I said that already), really cool, I’m never calling Gary on a conventional phone again. It so fun! Hihi!

I watched Lost in Translation, like Nic says, it doesn’t have much dialogue, but it makes up for it in the visuals and the acting. It reminded me of American Beatuy, how silent moments can convey so much.

Oh, and I found my flashlight (for those who didn’t know, I had lost my flashlight)

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