August 26, 2003

I have a sock on my head?

Long time, no blog! What up with me you ask? (or you may not ask, you might just be reading because you have nothing else to do and you don’t care) My position at 644 main St. is being relocated to Newfoundland, I either have to move to NL or be laid off ergo find another position within xwave or abroad. See how I used ergo” .. I’ve been watching Matrix Reloaded, the Architect says that.

Everyone should check out Homestar Runner, I find that site very entertaining, but I’ve discovered it’s not for everyone, but I like non-sensical humor, and this stuff is the best.

The weather is getting more to my liking, for the past month the temperature up here has been constantly 30C. One of the trees in front is already losing it’s leaves, it’s stressed, it was the last to grow leaves, and crappy shriveled up ones at that.

Monique and I are renting a movie tonight, chepas quoi yet, we’re going to decide there I think. I’ve got some unused coupons at Roger’s for stuff, not quite sure what deals I can get, hence the use of the generic term for unknown items: stuff”.

Congrats to Denis and Chantal and their new son Simon!

If you read then you are aware that I am currently in possession of a PowerMac 6100, I’ve successfully installed Debian on it, it’s amazing how a good OS (Windows being a bad OS .. don’t even get me started about the recent worms and virii) can revive such old hardware.

Gonna install MovableType 2.64, wish me luck.

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wow, a post! At this ver moment I’m updating my site by using the links text based web browser because my lap top is in the shop. Last night I went out with Al,
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mmmmm, clodhoppers Before watching Analyse That with Monique, we went to SuperStore to buy goodies .. and I bought clodhoppers… if you’ve never tried them, do.