April 7, 2000

I forgot to mention, today

I forgot to mention, today is not officially my one (1) week anniversary with this daily thing”.. kinda like 2000 is not the first year of the the millenium. Tomorrow, or actually, midnight tomorrow, which is in 13 hours. Now that I think of it.. it’ll be the time I started writing the first entry last Saturday.. which was… dunno.. but it was around 19:00. Al, start your page already, I’m tired of rereading my entries, and Lyne’s I know won’t change during the day. It’s time for:



I love that movie. Notice the little tag at the bottom of the image.. Airwalk.. cool.

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I’m back from work, with nothing to do. Pisses me off. I don’t want to call anyone in case I wake someone up. And no one is online. Dammit, I hate
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I’m having fun! I just finished talking to Chimene, got her curious :) I love getting people curious, but sometimes it’s bad. My Christmas