October 6, 2003

I don’ want to get off on a rant here, but….

I went to Subway tonight.. I was looking for sustenance and a little bladder relief. I found the food, but no toilet to quench my insurmountable inside pressure. Apparently Subway corp decided it would be in their best interest to begin renovations on the mens bathroom at some point in my unfortunate present. I asked the unshaven sandwich artist monkey if men were doomed to hold their burden in pain for what seemed like an undisclosed amount of time while he prepared the 5 grams or less meal that I ordered and was was waiting for. He, in a very monotinous and obvious McJob way” said yes. He could have been able to direct me to the womens bathroom, but apparently this forsaken place is off limits to someone who just wants a sub and a urination. I ordered my sub, and got exactly what I wanted on it, in a very expedient manner I might add.. but some part of me, maybe my colon, just isn’t happy about the wait.

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