April 4, 2000

Hi Crimestoppers! Hi Steve! It’s

Hi Crimestoppers! Hi Steve! It’s a Steve Martin routine. So I woke up about 1 hour ago, and I’m here, home. I’m taking the day off to catch up on sleep and assignments. Geez, I was thinking of something while I was in the shower, but now I forget.. damn! A this moment I’m listening to Are you gonna go my way by Lenny Kravits.. sung by, get ready for this, Tom Jones and Robbie Williams. It’s not too bad. I have many Tom Jones duets. Yes. I Do. Poor Hale Berry.

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You’re a vegatable I had “You’re a vegatable” I had no idea THAT was in a Micheal Jackson song. That’s what I’m listening to now, an old song called Wanna be Starting
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I have returned from work. For those of you in the Moncton NB reigon, you will notice something different when seeing a movie at Crystal Palace