November 8, 2000

Hey, I’m still alive. I

Hey, I’m still alive. I haven’t updated lately.. duh.. wow parkay has new designer bowls out.. gotta get me one of those. I’m writing this page using BBEdit 6.0.. wow what a cool editor, I love Macs.. Al got an iMac ifyou don’t already know. I kicks ass, Im on it now, in fact, it has become my primary computer. The one I use the most. I cleaned the kitchen today, it was way overdue. I learned how to play Money by Pink Floyd.. hmm, what else is new.. I bought The Matrix on DVD. Wow.. intresting guest star on Seinfeld.. my hands are cold. I’ll stop now.

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I regret to inform my viewing audience that this is the last entry in Ma Brain. I’m off to new things, look for a new periodical thing from greener