April 29, 2000

Hey everyone! I’m drunk! And

Hey everyone! I’m drunk! And loving it! This is going to be very hard to type without actually making any mistakes. So, I’m listening to Groove is in the Heart, the song I was trying to make you guess yesterday. Al’s here, and we’re getting ready to watch Swingers. GOing to kick ass. Wow beer and pretzels really do go hand in hand, I just proved it. We went to Doc’s tonight, of course, Wayne was there.. and we met up with Lyne and Vero. Kick ass. We ended up at Cosmo, pretty dead, and now the party goes on! Al says Hey Bulldog is a kick ass song, and I agree!



That’s Maddie

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I just finished fixing my aunt and uncles computer, again. Reinstalled Explorer 3.02.. hehehe.. I want to go out and have fun tonight. Don’t care if
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Wow.. tonight’s X-Files…. . .. I Am Canadian commercial WOOHOO!!! ok.. sorry, X-Files, very cool. Damn Tampax commercial, quilted, not