April 9, 2002

Here is something better than

Here is something better than what I posted yesterday. I got a satellite dish! It was cool setting it up, did it all by myself.. with the help of the manual and my neighbor’s tools. I’m off for the next 2 days, woohoo! If you’re reading this, go in the feedback section now and post something, please.. I hate seeing it empty. If you don’t want to do it, then done, that’s fine.. I still don’t have any suggestions for a new name, and I’m not going to decide. Give me a name, please. I sound like that Oxy Clean guy, trying to sell tubs of white paste. APPROX. VOLUME, that’s what I’m seeing now, it’s on my Nalgene bottle.

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ah.. well, why don’t we kill 3 birds with a shotgun and make our night productive.. get the PC, configure it, get a free PPV movie, configure a VPN