May 2, 2000

Hello fellow humans. I have

Hello fellow humans. I have returned from the place called work. I saw a couple people I know tonight: Joker, Vero, Eric, Wayne, Camco Al, and many other I don’t know personally. It’s fun doing cash. My dad taped WWTBAM, that rocks! I got till Sunday off, that rocks! Yves is comming down Saturday, that rocks! We have a staff showing of Center Stage, that rocks! They’re announcing great weather in the near future, that rocks! Alot of things rock! You have got to see this site Science Made Stupid, its sooooo funny and it rocks!



The Rocks!

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I meant convertible ride. Geez.
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I had a test today. I think I passed it. I think I’m going to listen to Zéro ° Celcius, something I havent listened to in several years. Carpe Diem