April 14, 2000

Happy birthday Remi, happy birthday

Happy birthday Remi, happy birthday Remi, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy brithday Remi. Just doesn’t sound the same.. when typing it on a keyboard. Tonight, we’re rocking the house.. the Pump House to be more precise. I had a Pepsi this morning, but it had no effect on me. I’m still tired. In class today we experimented with paper airplanes. I got a supposed” record breaking design, but we couldn’t get it work.. well. I haven’t eaten. I’m debating if I should go to electronics class, it’s starting in 15 minutes.. but it’s Wilbur… eh? right? I might fall asleep, again. Mmmm.. I think I’m going to try and download my ICQ database from home and install ICQ.. ask Al if he has eaten, or wants to eat.. if he’s online. Go, or not to go. Hmmm.. I don’t think I’m going to go. Almost done getting ICQ working. This can’t be.. looks like NO ONE is online.. not even the 4 people on my list who never turn their computers with Vibe off.. oh.. nevermind.. one of them is online… 2.. nevermind, it’s working.. sorry. Al, go online. Oh well. I’m taking off, heading to someplace with food, going to eat, something with grease.

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hanging, Doc’s, Sport’s Rock I just got back from a wonderful night of, hanging around with friends. Doc’s then Sports Rock. Tired, going to sleep. “If I don’t see you soon,
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What an action packed night. Went to the mall today, I think I want to buy a digital camera, and a DVD player.. and I want to own property on the