April 24, 2000

Groove is in the Heart

Groove is in the Heart is the first song I have learned by myself on a bass. It’s what I’m using to practice my speed and agility. I love it! Remi decided to start his own page, Stuff in my Head. If anyone else start his/her own online journal thing, I will have to severly beat them, it’s become way out of hand! Notice the symbols on top, now it’s illegal! Ha! Going to bed, I have a car tomorrow!! WOOHOO, I haven’t had a car to go to college since, before way winter break.

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I’m up, it’s Sunday, and almost 10. Feels real good. Watched 28 Days with Caro last night, movie wasn’t too bad, but not that great either. Later on
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I’m still sick! It’s been 4 days now. COugh COugh. I think I’m going to listen to Brendan Furlotte now. Nevermind.. I pressed play, and Ozzy started