April 8, 2004

Gonan the Superfluous

Oh sweet!

I’m the middle of print, damn print.. came in late, as usual. Cyn blogged about how she doesn’t like wasted paper. Well, you should see what Blue Cross prints on a daily basis .. it’s .. beyond reason. Think 5 boxes of 5000 pages each .. per day. That’s 25000 pages a day times 20 print days per month. 500000 per month, not including specialty stock they have like cheques and cards. They print paper like it grows on .. .. bad example.

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Two scoops of raisins in Kellogg’s Raisin Bran I don’t eat enough cereal.. in fact, I don’t breakfast period. I should start .. eating cereal that is. I used to love Captain Crunch. That
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Mahdn While I was on my way to work I met Martin in the atrium. I hadn’t talked to him in quite a while, looks like we’re going sea kayaking in 2 weeks.