September 12, 2002

Finally I decided I’d post

Finally I decided I’d post entried from my Palm from way back, here we go:

_ 23:31 april 17

i am in my bed, sick. i have a cold. and i’m typing on my palm pilot. i have a little story to tell about my palm pilot. i once had a palm iii c.. but i broke, so ibrought it back to the store, and they wanted to give me a new one that would not have replaced my old one. so i paid more and got a palm m515. it’s sweet, it rocks!! that’s my story.

4:57 12/29

Guess what i bouht .. a serial to usb converter… what does that mean you ask, well, i can use my palm pilot now. in fact i’m using it now. it’s cool shit. that’s all i wante d to say _

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