April 14, 2004

extended vacation

I start my extended vacation” June 11th. I got laid off. I saw it coming a mile away, not surprised. Soooo.. Ned, that means we’re going to Calgary .. Al if you want to come .. book vacation anytime after June 11th.

I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t feel like it.. but there’s plenty to say. Nic and I went to Paramount .. Mullet Monday’s. Of course we drank .. alot. I didn’t get kicked out though! I made a point to tell the bartender, who was there as a patron, that I was walking out on my on own volition :) We try to go to the mystic after-hours bar that is always closed after-hours. Walk there .. it’s closed. So we pick up some food at Subway on Main after we were professionally told by the night manager (imagine the Simpsons fast food teenage nerd guy) that they don’t serve walkers”. Walk to another after-hours bar we think is open .. Miss Behaven .. also closed, so we take a cab home. I get to my place .. no keys. Locked out. Back to Subway for coffee, guy says I got Bawls if you want some .. he bought a case of the stuff .. ohhh sweeeet. So I buy some Bawls from him. I go to work .. at 5:30, working at 8:30. Talked to Luc for a bit then slept on the couch till 8:00. My boss Michael pulls me in the office and tells me the news and says I can go home. Laid off. No keys. Locked out. I keep working, Joker gets home around 2:30. I go home. At that point I had had 2 hours of sleep in 30 hours. Went to bed.

Slept 12 hours which brings me here, and Proteus is still not out!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t post yesterday, first day I skip I think. I theoritically could make 86 posts, but I was looking at the posts I made 4 years ago .. some are just one line .. that’s not fair, I don’t post tiny posts like that as often as I used to. So I think I’m changing the rules to my own contest (because I’m judge number 1 of 1 on the panel, and I lead the board of directors). Instead of posting 86, I’ll post as least once per day. Let me know if this is acceptable.

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