March 8, 2004

eat fresh.

I’m going to spend the last hour of work I have typing here.

Tonight I’d like to go to Doc’s for jam night, haven’t been there in a couple weeks. I’m thinking I’m going to call someone whom I’m supposed to call to do something ;) Chris’ gf/fiance is in Moncton, I’m hoping he’ll bring her there so I can meet her, if he’s playing. I’m also hoping Colepaugh will be there. It doesn’t look like he’s playing anywere, cept South By SouthWest next week. I’m almost done reading The Demon-Haunted World .. next up will be something by David Suzuki.

My title is reference to the almost empty 21 oz. cup I have sitting on the desk. It used to filled up, brimming with Mountain Dew. Alas, I drank it all. I had a chicken sub garnished with green peppers, pickles and cucumbers .. a little mayo .. salt and pepper. It was pretty good .. for a sub. SubWay on Main St. is open 24hrs .. that’s great when you work crazy ass shifts like 19:30-7:30.

I’m listening to ABBA .. hehe, just for fun, I wanted to know how many times I’ve mentioned ABBA in my blog .. 3 times .. I think that’s 3 times too many for alot of you.. well, 4 now. There’s something about that music that I like.. my Mom used to listen to ABBA when I was young, and in the womb, I’m guessing it’s imprinted on my neural pathways.

Speaking of music, I need to get more jazz. a few months back I watched The Comedian .. it’s basically Jerry Seinfeld trying to become a stand-up comedian again, anyway, the soundtrack is great, full of jazz. I’ve got most of the songs from it, including one of my new favorite tunes.. Waters of March sung by Suzannah McCorkle. I could listen to that song and her voice forever.

Which reminds me..

I lost all my tunes .. and all my old emails .. and other things I’ll eventually find out about. I got some stuff off the HD before it died .. but not my Library folder .. the one folder that’s really important. I’ve got pictures and documents and stuff.. so ALL is not lost.. but alot is. I’m pretty sure I can get the dead drive spinning again.. at least long enough to get data off of it. I’ll be bringing it in in a couple hours, for the third time. It pains me to say it, but I’ve brought an Apple product in 3 times to get fixed, hasn’t cost me a thing, but it’s an inconvenience for sure. My next laptop is going to be a tank, a 12″ PowerBook G4.

Still 30 minutes left, and I’ve run out of things to say, as usual. Ohhhh.. a song I haven’t heard in a while .. The Bad Touch .. see this entry for the lyrics. Here’s an idea.. I’ll post a picture of something..


I can’t believe I’ve had this site for 4 years .. and this is the first time I post a picture of a monkey. Wow.

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