April 11, 2000

doorstop Mac

I just got back from a movie with Lyne. I loved it. Nick wants to buy a Mac, a 68030, probally an SI or an LC. Ya.. for 50 bucks.. ya.. well.. they make great doorstops. Great 50 dollar doorstops. Only The Lonely is playing, what a trip down memory lane. I remember hearing this song on CKCW back in M’Cook when I’d wake up to go to school. Ahhh.. Roy Orbison, you spin me right round :) I hope Al and Ned are having fun in Freddy. I’m sure they are.

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I just completed a test I didn’t study for, from the looks of it, seems I passed. I’m updating thru Geocities right now.. and I’m using a different
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I am equaly satified of my performance on my second test today. Logic.. a, sweet logic. Sorry. More Pepsi.. incredibly, I’m not too tired.. HEY