May 18, 2000

do you know what today

do you know what today is? it’s star wars episode 1’s first birthday! i’m trying something different tonight, i have my mp3’s playing, i put the volume up so i can hear them, just something i’m trying. i watched 3 season finales last night (may 18) first was friends then frasier followed by er. they were all awesome. i’m very impressed with my batteries, they’re lasting very well. i have a car today, yay. cotton eye joe i an actually add html in here, and when i paste it, it’ll already be there. mark the day, i’m starting to grow a goatie, i’m revolting. flowers on the wall i’m going to bed, enough for this morning.

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I replied to a personal ad, here’s the reply to her questions. Here goes, age: 20 hair color: dirty blond eye color: blue height: 5’7″ weight: 55Kg
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I’m in a good mood today. I think it was the convertible ride yesterday. I got Mr. Noodles noodles cooling down and waiting for me to eat them. I