June 23, 2004

damn push ups

This is what I hear and how my testing went.

Next time the trade MIGHT open up is in September, if I’m moderately high on the waiting list, there’s a good chance I’ll get offered a job .. unless they decide to cut back on recruiting in that trade .. there would have been a chance to send my file for selection tomorrow, they have opennings for the trade right now, but because my file is brand new, and there’s alot of stuff left to do with it, there was no way to make it in time, so I’m aiming for September .. barring unforseen difficulties, my file should be ready way before then. I passed everything except one of the parts of the physical fitness test, the push-ups .. needed to do 19 in a row, was only able to do 14 .. so I need to practice and retry. I can reschedule anytime, meanwhile, I’ll be doing alot of push ups in my spare time.

So all is left is a second try of the PT test and then wait till September. I was told my results on the aptitude test do allow me to apply for the ATIS Tech trade .. which is one of the hardest to get into. Damn I’m hungry.

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step 2 So I talked to my friendly neighborhood recruiter, and he says I’m set to do all the testing stuff on Wednesday .. that means physical fitness
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