May 7, 2003

damn db files

Looks like I have new beginning, in more ways than one. My Berkeley DB files crapped out, meaning I basically have to start from the beginning. I still have all the old stuff stashed in a directory somewhere. I also got a new position at xwave, I’ll be working in the Blue Cross center, finally out of the whole call center thing”. I’m also moving into a newer, nicer appartment closer to downtown (3 minutes walk to work).

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23 days Soooo.. I have ignored this place in cyber space for way too long. Now that I have a few drinks in me, I’m going to update (and most likely correct
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4 days w00t, The Matrix: Reloaded opens in 4 days, though there is a show at 22:00 on Thursday, I won’t be able to attend, working. I’m going to start