April 1, 2000

back from work

I just got back from work! Yes!.. I was alone in box. Not fun, I served almost every single person who saw a movie today a Crystal Palace Cinemas, isn’t that an odd fact. Looking for some happiness, but there is only loneliness to find” an exerpt from a very cool song entitled Little Green Bag. I’m listening to it now. Don’t you just hate when people start saying something then pull back and not disclose what they were going to say. It’s teasing, and I don’t like teasing. Well, yeah I do, I do it all the time.. that’s cuz I’m a hoppopotimu…. I mean hipocrite. Hehe.. I’m listening to S Club 7, again. Sorry :) Al left most of his CD collection here.. I can choose from many many cool albums… and I’m listening to S CLub 7. Oh well. For the first time this morning, early this morning, I used the word onomatopoeia. I can’t believe I remembered it, and it’s meaning. I’m very impressed with my uh.. umm.. the.. uhh.. words that I know how to use and remember. Everybody from side to side” A female I know whom I work with got a call from MITI Friday, she sent in her resume once, 2 weeks ago, and got a call. I sent mine 4 days ago, and 3 times before that. Still no call. Ahhh!

This section is dedicated to Lyne

That’s it for today.. it’s not today anymore any.. well it is.. but not.. whatever.

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