February 27, 2004

baby can’t you see I’m calling?

Damn, right now, Toxic is playing on my internet radio station. I just got back from cosmo, good time, actually, I had a really good time, I talked to Ian alot, about his future plans and Family Guy :) I helped 4 cute girls from St John get a cab. They were really greattful.. they were a bunch of cool people.

Geez, I don’t want to get anybody jealous.. if I did, I want to know right away, I’m not used to posting stuff like this on my blog.. frig. Tonight started with supper from St. Hubert, take out style. Kristy, Isabelle, Al and I went to St Hubert to eat. Line was too long, so we decided to take take-out. Ate at my place.. then we played Monopoly, Kristy and Isabelle kicked our asses. Isabelle was the clear winner after Kristy forfeited :)


Then we played 200. I lost, as usual.. frig, now I need to get into the whole 200 losing streak thing”. I’d rather not, but here it goes: during the past 3 weeks, Al and I have been partners playing card vs. Kristy and Isabelle. We’ve lost both times… by.. alot. This time, teams were changed, Kristy and I vs. Al and Isabelle. I still lost, but by a smaller margin.. I’m thinking I suck. No one wants to admit it, but I’m pretty sure I’m the root cause of my losing streak.

What else is new.. nothing except I got my kilt. Yes, a kilt. My utilikilt has arrived, I wear it anytime I can .. it’s so comfy, it’s hard to put on jeans now. I don’t understand why it’s socially acceptable for women to wear a skirt and men can only wear pants.. there are fundamental appendages that should automatically qualify us to wear an un-bifurcated garment. Damn you acceptable social behaviors and related clothing styles.

I digress.


Damn I need to go to bed in case I’m called to go to breakfast tomorrow. Oh, something else going on tomorrow.. SKating with Monique… and the long awaited drink/dancefest. Geez, tcheu journée.

Oh… dance version of Toxic .. I’ll be hearing that alot in the future :D.

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